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Crown-Hill University School Fees For 2019/2020 Academic Session

Crown-Hill University School Fees For 2019/2020 Academic Session

Now today we will be looking at this topic: Crown-Hill University School Fees For 2019/2020 Academic Session. Are you a new student? Do you ask questions like how much is Crown-Hill University school fees? Many fresh students in Crown-Hill University do ask for school fees guidelines. Well, today we are going to look into Clifford University undergraduate school fees, acceptance fees, part-time school fees and postgraduate school fees.

Knowing the school fees of an institution is the first and for most thing to do. Reason: If you apply for any school that your parents can’t afford how will you pay all the fees. So a student who applied for any institution like Crown-Hill University should consider the school fees.

Crown-Hill University school fees

Let’s look at the topics we are going to treat today:

  • Crown-Hill University undergraduate school fees 
  • Crown-Hill University postgraduate school fees 
  • Part-time school fees at Crown-Hill University
  • Crown-Hill University JUPEB School Fees

This is the three most important fees at Crown-Hill University. So without taking much of your time, let’s begin with 2019/2020 Crown-Hill University school fees.

This hunt of knowing the Crown-Hill University School Fees 2019/2020 made the student be searching online for Crown-Hill University school fees for medical students, Crown-Hill University school fees deadline, Crown-Hill University school fees for law, Crown-Hill University hostel fees, Crown-Hill University accommodation fees, Crown-Hill University school fees for part-time, Crown-Hill University hostel fees for freshers, Crown-Hill University postgraduate school fees 2019/2020, Crown-Hill University School Fees For Freshers 2019/2020 | Crown-Hill University Admission GuideHowever, if your one of the students searching for all that you’re not alone. is with all the answers to your questions in this single post.

Crown-Hill University School Fees For New Student 2019/2020

This school fees below are for only Crown-Hill University new student. It comprises both Crown-Hill University acceptance fees and other registrations. The school fees are divided into two, Science and non-science student school fees.

Note to mobile users: Scroll to the side to view all the contents in the table below:

1. B.A. ENGLISH 216,000 —– 152,100.00
2. B.A FRENCH 216,00 —– 152,100.00
3. B.A.HISTORY & DIPLOMATIC STUDIES 216,000 —– 152,100.00
4. B.SC. ACCOUNTING 247,500 —– 152,100.00
5. B.SC. BANKING & FINANCE 234,000 —– 152,100.00
6. B.SC. ECONOMICS 247,500 —– 152,100.00
7. B.SC. MASS COMMUNICATION 247,500 13,500 152,100.00
8. B.SC. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 247,500 —– 152,100.00
9. B.SC. BIOLOGY 225,000 13,500 152,100.00
10. B.SC. MICROBIOLOGY 225,000 13,500 152,100.00
11. B.SC. CHEMISTRY 234,000 13,500 152,100.00
12. B.SC. BIOCHEMISTRY 234,000 13,500 152,100.00
13. B.SC. PHYSICS WITH ELECTRONICS 225,000 13,500 156,600.00
14. B.SC. COMPUTER SCIENCE 247,500 13,500 156,600.00
15. B.SC. MATHEMATICS 225,000 6,750 156,600.00


This is all we have for this topic: Crown-Hill University School Fees For 2019/2020 Academic Session.

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