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Free Jamb Past Questions And Answer For All Subject 2021

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I am receiving many calls from 2021 jamb candidate asking for free pdf jamb past questions.  See some of the question they are asking!. Sir please can you please tell me where to download free past questions online. How can previous jamb questions help me in 2021 jamb.  Sir please can u tell me the important and uses of jamb past questions. 

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Today we will be looking at this topic: Free Jamb Past Questions And Answer For All Subject 2021.

The table of content for our todays jamb guide is :

  • What is jamb past question.
  • How to make use of jamb past questions.
  • How to download free jamb pdf past questions.

What is Jamb Past Question

Many of jamb candidate Is hearing about jamb past question without knowing what it is. Past question is a compiled questions from the previous jamb examination. We are compiling questions each year after jamb examination.  The same thing will happen this year, after jamb examination we will add the questions to our past questions.

Past questions is very important in jamb examination because it helps candidates know how the previous jamb question is. Past questions also help jamb candidates to taste their selves and prepare well for the main examination.


How To Make Use Of Jamb Past Questions.

Making good use of past questions is extremely important. Some of us buy past question and keep it for his/her bag to read.  While some read only past questions. Reading only jamb past question is not good.  Past question is made for revision and to test your ability to make A’s in the main jamb examination.

So now how can u make good use of jamb previous questions.

  • knowing the course of your choice and its subject combination. you can use jamb past question to practice it.
  • After reading and preparing yourself with jamb syllabus. You can use past questions to test your self.
  • Jamb past questions is only for revision and testing oneself.


How To Download Free Jamb PDF Past Questions On

To download the free past questions,  go down below and click on the under every subject.


1. Jamb English past questions

Areas of concentration in English :

  1. Comprehension Passages
  2. Lexis and structure
  3. Antonyms and Synonyms
  4. Registers
  5. Interpretations

Download Jamb English Past Question PDF

2. Jamb Mathematics Past Questions

Areas of concentration in English :

  1. Business Mathematics
  2. AP and GP
  3. Variation
  4. Quadratic and Simultaneous equations
  5. Simple differentiation and Integration Plus their applications

Download Jamb Mathematics past questions PDF

3. Jamb Economics Past Questions

Download Jamb Economics Past Questions PDF

4. Jamb Physics Past Questions

Areas of concentration in English :

  1. How to analyze Newton’s Laws of motion
  2. How to solve machine related questions.
  3. Mirrors and Lens
  4. Transformers
  5. Nuclear Physics

Download Jamb Physics Past Questions PDF

5. Jamb CRK Past Question

Download Jamb CRK Past Questions PDF

6. Jamb Biology Past Questions

Areas of concentration in English :

  1. The cell structure
  2. Organization of life
  3. Supporting tissues In plants
  4. Virus and diseases
  5. Erosion

Download Jamb Biology Past Questions PDF

7. Jamb Government Past Questions

Download Jamb Government Past Questions PDF

8. Jamb Chemistry Past Questions

Download Jamb Chemistry Past Questions PDF

DISCLAIMER: The questions contained on this website are not in any way inferred as the original questions you will write in your 2021 JAMB UTME. We do not provide students with any material that promotes examination malpractice. The contents on this website are purely educational and suited for students preparing for the said exams.

Please if you have any other past questions you like to share,  comment in the comment box so we will give you our Email to send it. If your subject is not in the above please tell us so we will update it for u.

This is all we have for this topic: Free Jamb Past Questions And Answer For All Subject 2021.

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