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List Of Less Competitive Courses In Nigeria 2020/2021

List Of Less Competitive Courses In Nigeria Universities 2020/2021

Now today we will be looking at this topic: List Of Less Competitive Courses In Nigeria 2020/2021. As we all know that every year there is case of universities not admitting people because of the competition (ie Overpopulation in one course). So if you’re going to apply for any course go for less competitive courses. In Nigeria, we have much less competitive course that a good to study. However, due to most of the professional courses offered in a university and the pressure of the parent to study a professional course. Most of the student end up applying for a competitive course and be denied admission.

We know that if a university wants 500 students for instance in medicine and 2000 students applied for that same medicine. The school will take only 500, base on their post utme grades and score. then the remaining 1500 will be pushed away into some funny courses.

less competitive course in nigeria

Now, some of the questions students now ask is what are the less competitive course to study in Nigerian University? well, I have compiled for you more than 40 List Of Less Competitive Courses In Nigeria 2020/2021. So all you have to do is read through this page and choose the best less competitive course for yourself.

This is all I have for this topic: List Of Less Competitive Courses In Nigeria 2020/2021. I hope that with this list you can be able to make the right decision by choosing the best Less Competitive Courses to apply for in university from the above?
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