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Low fee University in Canada for international students 2021

Low fee University in Canada for international students

Have you ever wanted to study Abroad but wonder heavily about the cost? , Looking for Low fee University in Canada for international students ? well,Canada is here for the rescue.
It is no surprise that many students from around the world see Canada as a top pick in relation to other universities across the globe.
This is due to the fact that studying in Canada is generally  inexpensive and has so many life changing opportunities. In this article i’ll be telling you all you need to know about Average cost of living in Canada, Why Canada is you best choice for you,Low tuition fee universities in Canada and so on…

Average cost of living in Canada

An average person in Canada can spend roughly about 700-1000 Canadian dollars(CAD) on a monthly basis excluding rent,heath bills and more. It could be more depending on the city in which a person is situated at and choice of lifestyles. As a student ,being thrifty is a way to go If you’re going to be in the University. Here’s a more detailed list of expenses:

Accommodation:  400 – 800 CAD per Month,

Food                 : 300 CAD per Month,

Transportation: 100 CAD per Month,

Basic Utility Bills: 150 CAD per month,

Internet: 60 CAD per month.

It is Important to note that the above information differs in location and personal expenses.

It is also Important to know that Students Hostel are also available for as low as 300 CAD per month.

Low fee University And their tuition fee(from lowest to Highest)

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland  : This University is located in St.Johns, Newfoundland and it costs $3,222 .
  • Simon Fraser University Burnaby : This University is located in British Columbia and it costs $3,743.
  • University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon : This University is located in Saskatchewan and it costs $4,358.
  • University of British Columbia Vancouver : This University is located in British Columbia and it costs $8,400.
  • McMaster University Hamilton : This University is located in Ontario10 and it costs $10,700.
  • University of Alberta Edmonton : This University is located in Alberta and it costs $17,600.
  • Dalhousie University Halifax : This University is located in Nova Scotia and it costs  $18,100.

Reasons/Why you should study in Canada.

Without any doubt, Canada offers plenty of beneficial opportunities to its international students and this in turn gives international students more than enough reasons to want to Study in Canadian universities. Some of the reasons are:

  1. inexpensiveness:  It is no brainier that Canada offers one of the best quality Education across the globe with very affordable prices across some of it’s Universities plus low cost of living,making it easy for international students to study and live comfortably.
  2. Part-time Job Opportunity: Canada offers many job opportunities in various exciting fields with the promise of fair salaries and excellent quality of life.As an international student, getting a part-time job not only helps you pay the bill, it gains you a lot of work experience especially if your work is closely related to your course of study.
  3. Quality Education:Canada earns an “A” on its Education and Skills report card, ranking 2nd among 16 peer countries. According to QS World University Ranking 2018, 7 of the world’s top 150 universities are located in Canada.
  4. Scholarships: There are no tuition-free universities in Canada for international students.They are offered by the Canadian government, private organizations, and individual Canadian universities. International students with excellent grades and overall performance can apply for these scholarships to secure admission at the affordable universities in Canada.

Comment below if you have any questions i’ll be here to answer.Thanks.

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