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Now today we will be looking at: SUMMARY OF SWEET SIXTEEN | JAMB RECOMMENDED NOVEL FOR 2019 EXAMINATION. Many jamb 2019 candidate is asking  many questions about the summary of jamb recommended novel sweet sixteen. Some of the questions they are asking is, How can i get the summary of sweet sixteen online, where will i get the summary of all sweet sixteen chapters. Some is even asking about the pdf of the summary. Most of the jamb candidate 2019/2020 is asking this exact question.  Well is good for you to ask this kind of question.

Sweet Sixteen is the most latest and recent novel incorporated into the General JAMB English Comprehension texts for the JAMB 2019/2020 examination. Not to be afraid, the novel is quite interesting one and you can easily finish within 15 days if you read the novel like 10 pages averagely daily.


This hunt of knowing the sumamary of the jamb novel made the 2019 jamb candidate to be searching online for sweet sixteen by bolaji abdullahi, sweet sixteen novel, summary of sweet sixteen novel, sweet sixteen movie, sweet sixteen novel for jamb 2019, sweet sixteen novel pdf, download sweet sixteen novel, sweet sixteen full movie, JAMB 2019 Novel | Summary Of Sweet Sixteen For JAMB Examination 2019/2020. However if your one of the jamb candidate searching for all that your not alone. is with all the answers to your questions in this single post.


Author: Bolaji Abdullahi

Genre:  The Genre of Sweet Sixteen is prose, and its a fiction

Number of Pages of Pages in the novel: 157

Publication Year: Sweet sixteen was published on February 1, 2017


Sweet sixteen is a novel that Jambite ought to read. I would highly recommend that you read the summary, before the book, so as to get an upper hand when answering tricky questions. i would recommend each and every one to  take this novel (sweet sixteen) serious, as that is where jamb will set their technical question from aside comprehension. KEEP READING



Aliya has to persist in telling her father that she is not a child, but a young adult. She has been also attracted to adult issues. Aliya feels annoyed when she is referred to as a child. She believes she is an adult trapped in a child body. Her father setup to notice it when she turned sixteen.
Aliya mother was a nurse. Her father has several job’s. At the time she was born, he was a journalist. When she was in primary school, he was working in a Public Relations Agency. After he then went to work for an international organisation that helps poor people in Africa.
On her sixteen birthday her father sent her a box, and when she opened it, the expected birthday card was replaced by a portable digital camera with an LCD monitor. And also a spiral bound document. It has a blue cover that bore the bold inscription ”letter to my daughter”. A page for each year she has lived. It chronicles the lesson and the wisdom he has attempted to pass to her. The letter was the greatest birthday gift she have ever had (It was like a textbook on life).It unburdens the burning questions she has about life and sometimes shows through the cluelessness of parental units.


In the letter that her father wrote to her when she was 16, he recalled an interesting outing they had some years back. She was 12 at that time. She just returned home for holiday after her JSS1. Even though they had several of such outings since then, She can’t forget this particular outing. Her father asked her if she wanted to go on a drive with him. ”Of course,” she said dropping her earphone and jump up from the bed. She was happy because to her she stay’s under a tall fence that maid their house look like prison. On the traffic they met two girls about her age scurried between vehicles and tired to sell oranges and cooked groundnuts. She told her father she actually envy those girls,”. Her asked her which girls, she said the once sell at the traffic. She guess they must having fun and freedom to go anywhere and meet different people. The father said he don’t no if they were having fun. But I know they would not mind trading places with you right now. But if you had to stand in the sun for hours to sell at the end will fetch little money. Do you remember I was once like dose girls he asked, but the father has told her many times how his childhood was hard for him. His mother was a petty trader. Him and his younger sister hand to hawk some of their Mother’s wares after school.
He bought ice cream for her which gave him the opportunity to ask questions on her menstruation. “He asked her What she no about menstruation?” she said her mother and the hostel misstress have taught her how to menstruate. The father said no one needs to be taught how to menstruate. Mummy and the hostel mistress must have taught you how to take care of yourself when you see your period.” He said menstruation was normal and natural and it was nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. He said it was my body’s way of telling me that I was biologically ready to be a mother. She remembered a friend telling her that her mother told her when she started her period that if a boy touched her, she would get pregnant. The father said she was not exactly correct. You don’t have to stop playing with boys just because you have started menstruation. Also no one gets pregnant for a handshake.” she told her dad she have heard sex before, which shocked her father, she said heard and laughed.
The father asked her have she had sex before and she replied,” yes of course, everywhere. On TV, from some of my classmates…. It’s also in books, magazines. She told her father about Netflix. Bet he asked what it means she answered is were you can download and watch stream videos online. She Gave example like Hose of cards. ”
You have watched it asking and sound horrified. She said to her that she no what he is worried about bet whenever I see that it is getting like that, I will fast forward it. He told her watching does things is like dragging filth into your beautiful room. The father cautious her on the kind of friends she keeps. Some of does your classmates that were talking about sex, they might have started might have started doing bad things with boys.the father asked her not to emulate them. And she should not slow people touch her in the private parts.



It was Saturday after morning prays. She went down to the kitchen to make tea. Because her mum liked to boast that she is the only one that can make her husband tea. Dad took a sip and said it was good. Bet mum took a look at the tea and said that couldn’t be true, that he only said it to make me feel good. She found out her mum was right. She never gave up. But all her attempts ended the same way. If the milk was not too much, the sugar would be too much or little. She asked her mum to teach her. Mum laughed and asked me to pay her for the coaching, because she took a great risk to loose her husband to her if she teach her. I Told mum I will ask dad to pay her. Mum said,” that one? He has Araldite in his hands. He won’t pay. Later she taught me her magic on how she makes dad tea.
It was on Saturday I got to make dad tea and took it to his room, he thanked me, he then took the first sip at the tea, You have mastered this thing,” he said.
She told her Dad that she don’t want to be a Doctor but a lawyer. Her dad taught she decided it because she wanted to get away from her chemistry problems. Bet she proved him wrong by getting her result to him she got A in chemistry. He congratulated her. She said it was hard like further maths.” Her reminded her the only way to success is hard work. She told him about a girl that cheated during exams. She guessed that is better to fail and fail and fail and keep trying than to cheat and pass. She tanked me for not exposing her and gave me a reason that she said that her parents compares her to her younger sister. Dad didnt agree with the parents attitude. He said no parents should make a child feel that way. Besides when a child is not doing well at all, or not doing well in a particular subject, that is when the child all the support she can get from the parents.
He said No one likes to fail, he continued. “but failure is not always a bad thing. There is a redeeming side to it. failure can actually empower us in ways that success cannot. failure can teach us humility, strength and perseverance. it can also teach us to ask for help. that reminds me of one of the greatest poem ever. Ulysses, by Alfred Lord Tennyson, an Englishman. it says, That which we are, we are; one equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and faith, but strong in will. To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.” she remember her dad she wanted to be a lawyer and her father told her it doesn’t matter the course you choose, bet let it be what your heart tells you. Aliya told her father their was a boy named Soho, his father want him be a lawyer to follow his foot steps. He told her Kahlil Gibran quote. Bet she don’t understand what Given means by ‘For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams’?” He said! I think he meant that parent should not try to determine the future of their children, much of which they will not be part of. He also seem to be saying that life keeps changing and the world that our children would live in would be very different from our own in a way that we cannot even imagine.”



Aliya’s family travels a lot. And coming back, they bring back a mementos(an object kept as a reminder of a person or event).
Some of those memento are, a young Arab boy riding a camel, statue of a maasal couple from Nairobi, Eiffel tower from Paris, Ijambulo, the lion cub from South-Africa, two hand-painted ostrich egg shells from Tanzania, the Tower Bridge and the bright -red television booth from London, the statue of liberty from New York, the pyramid and the sphinx from Egypt, a crystal Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is the tallest building in the world, and several other items.
Aliya and her mum had thier own mementos. Her mum has decorated plates from China, while: Aliya has a camel with jingle bells that she brought from Dubai. All these are contained in a huge mahogany cabinet decorated with glass doors. Two bright orange sofas and two green single chairs made up the living room.
Aliya still has some lingering questions in mind from the letter she has read, so she decides to gist with her father after breakfast. The family breakfast that morning comprises of bread, okraw and coke. Then she goes on to enquire from her dad, about the Gandhi test which is named after the great Indian activist Mahatma Gandhi,.
Her dad explains that the importance of the test is that people always hide their acts from others when they know that what they are doing is immoral or wrong. However if one is sure that what one does is right and acceptable to other members of the society they will not need to hide or be afraid of getting caught by others.

On the biography of Mahatma Gandhi, he corrects her notions saying that he fights for his country to gain independence from Great Britain and he is just an activist who is not interested in political power. As such, he is never a president.
He summarises his points on the need of ethics and morals in society which makes it organized and humans different from animals. It may not be spelt out as the same in every society but every society bears the same unit elements. Stealing and cheating are both negative elements in every society.

Also note that ALBERT EINSTEIN was a German – born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. His work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science. He died in 18th April 1955.




Her father was a devout fan of Chelsea. One evidence of his devotion was the fact that all the bibs that she used as a baby were branded with the club’s logo(Chelsea), and almost all her first belongings on earth were blue and bore the club’s logo. Her often joke that she was surprised he didn’t name her Chelsea. The all pray that Chelsea wins so that her father remains in good mood. She recalled on one occasion, he actually refused to eat because they lost a match. Aliya prayed that Chelsea wins the match, so she can ask her father the question she have waited to ask. About her dating now she has turned 18.
She asks her dad now I turned 16, it’s possible for her to date? Her dad pretend that he doesn’t understand what she meant by dating, dad I mean boyfriend.
The father asked” What does that kind of relationship entail?” they hang out together and stuff like that.”
My father hate it when you do something because someone did. He will den ask you five-why.
My father continue by asking wot ‘hang out’ and ‘stuff like that’ means? Aliya replied,” I don’t really know but I no they do things together, like talk and spend time together.”
That’s all. Talk? ” he asked feigning ignorance.
Okay , dad. Maybe also…… Like HAK, KOTL, she said. “her the meaning of HAK and KOTL means. Her father said. She replied, HAK means Hugs and Kisses, KOTL means Kiss On the Lips.” But how do you know all this? her father asked. She replied, come on dad every one knows the meaning. Its the way people speak now, know one has time for long talks.
How many many HAK and KOLT have you had? The father asked. She replied , No she doesn’t have boyfriend. She corrected her dad mistake no KOLT but KOTL. The father asked, so everyone at your age knows d meaning. Aliya replied, yes it’s like social media language.
So you want to have a boy friend so you will be doing HAK and KOTL. No dad, that is not… Order words got stucked. The father explain to her the effects in dating and hw it would affect her studies. And that at her age relationship is mostly ruled by infatuation.
To explain more the father has to use Bobo as her boyfriend Inorder to explain things. But she argued that Bobo was not her boy friend. The father laughed and told her he no but for the purpose of the question. Bobo is your boyfriend and you like him a lot. Then you saw him with another girl, walking around the school, How will she feel?” I will feel and jealous she replied. She remembered when she saw Bobo with Morayo they were from the same class. Bobo saw her and pretend not to. She became jealous that she even saw them kissing each others in a dream.
A guy named Zak, he was in the football team. Zak is a handsome guy and popular too. He passed a note to me. To her it was a very stupid note. It says, ‘Do you know any cardiologists, because his heart skips a beat everytime he thinks of her. Aliya believed he copied it from somewhere.


Her dad told her, Relationships come with a lot of emotional issues that she may not control at her age. That if she have to be the best she have to stay focused. He asked her if she have hard derailment before?” yes you mentioned it In the letter she said. It means a train moving in a particular direction. No matter how long the journey was, the train would eventually get to it’s destination as long as it stayed on the tracks. Her Dad added, The point that we humans beings are also like the trains running on our tracks. Why does it happen so often that very intelligent people. People that everyone would agree were destined to be great, Just fall by the wayside? Do you know why? The father asked. Shook her head. Then the father said Gratification, which she remembered, You said if one does not learn to delay gratification, one may be derailed by gratification. Dad said People have desires for different gratifications. It’s quite natural,” he named them. Cars, big house, expensive jewelry or wrist watches, then girlfriend and boyfriends…, pointing at me. Then continued. “sex, alcohol, drugs, designer clothing, expensive hand bags and shoes. The question therefore is not whether you are willing to pay the price; bet whether you you fully understand the price you may be required to pay for the gratification and whether you can actually afford it. The time you have to wait,denying yourself these things until such a time that you can truly and honestly afford them, financially and emotionally. However, if you try to gratify yourself with any of these before you are ready and able to afford them, they may end up derailing you. Her Dad prayed that she won’t be a bad example to others. Bet a good one. Amin, papa. She replied. She got up and hug him. She realized he was not only a father, but a teacher, a friend and her BFF.
He Got AA batteries and replaced the One in the remote control. He point it to the television and it switched on.
She told her dad how the school security caught some students in the night at the basketball court having “53X(sex). The father was lost because he doesn’t understand wot she meant. 53X means?” she replied, they were having sex. She explained how they suspended them from the school. The boy put a brave face, bet the girl was ashamed. Aliya felt so embarrassed, as if she was the one. The father asked, What if they were not caught, Do you think he would be proud to take that girl home as his wife in future. No she replied. Her father continued. As far as the boy was concerned, she was probably just another conquest. “OMG! I can’t even imagine.” Aliya said. Aliya father doesn’t understand what she meant.the father warned her not to be speaking does language in the house, that is why some people can’t spell. She replied by come on dad, you are old school! OMG means ‘Oh My God’. The was worried because does language makes them to fail waec. She asked her father what KPC means?” her Dad tried to dodge her question, He didn’t actually know the answer. He said that PC was Personal Computer. But what is K. Aliya laughed at him. She told her Dad the answer of KPC was, Keep Parents clueless. Aliya mum called her because she has not eating, and she left dropping her books behind hoping to come back after the match.


Chelsea won. Bet they couldn’t continue their conversation because her Dad was going out. She slept of without knowing when her Dad arrived. She tried to stay awake by reading the books her Dad gave her in the morning, The prophet. Bet she was never a night person. Once the sun is down, her brain also shut down. During exams her friends read in the night, bet she tired it once but it was a total waste of time. Since she realized it, she seen her time reading during the day to free her self for a good night sleep. She woked up and found out that the sun has raised. Her father normally get angry if he found out she didn’t say her morning prayers on time. After her prayer,she sliped into the slippers that Auntie Molara gave her.
The family settles for yam and fried eggs as breakfast. Aliya and her dad has expected to finish their conversation when her mum leaves but were a bit disappointed when she informes both of them that she is off duty for the day. Her parents loves each other very much and thus live in peace and harmony. They seldom fight and even when they did they would make sure she does not get to know about it. However, she will manage to find out usually from her mom’s actions.
Her morn will put up a repulsive and irritable attitude, and such occasions Aliya will be cautious and scared to go close to he But her dad will just act all cool and normal. Aliya mentions to her dad about Rebecca, a girl in her class. The girl has said that all muslims are killers and that they will all go to hell. She said she could have slap her. Aliya recalled a day when someone started a conversation about the kidnapping of chibok girls. Rebecca was not part of the conversation, bet she was reading something from the notice board, she just turned and said, “it’s Aliya people now.” Aliya wanted to challenge her, bet was held back by the girls. Her father cautions her to control her emotions. Her father said it was wrong to criticize other people’s religion.
What got him annoyed, The father said, was that Muslims kill people…” That kind of statement is called stereotype. You know what it means? She picked up her mom phone and searched it on goggle. It means, A set of ideas that people have about what someone or something is, especially an idea that is wrong. He continued, no religion approve killings. Therefore, a killer is a killer,not a Muslim, Christian or Hindu.”Aliya said, all this terrorists, Boko Haram, ISIS. They are Muslim. Well, Hitler was a Christian, and I have not heard anoyone blamed them for evil. Boko Haram have been bombing mosques and killing Muslims too. Mum added. Dad agreed with her.
Dad said he don’t actually think that Rebecca is bad. Because how people thinks is mostly a result of the of thinking they have been exposed to.
Dad wanted to tell a story, but mum grabbed her phone to go to the salon, by Dad told her there is still chance. Mum accepted. He told them how European slaves Came into a village in West Africa and grabbed all the inhabitants. Those that challenge the slaves were killed and thrown overboard. Not even child were spared. The slave were molested, rapped, torture and kill. One night thunder clapped and rumbled, the sea roared and rolled like giant terrifying electricity across the black night. One anaconda wave just seized the ship and tore it into shreds, Everyone did except, The white chief of the slave traders and one the enslaved black man. The chief of slave broked one hand, he was badly injured. The father asked Aliya what will she do if it was her dat got that chance? Aliya replyed, well I guess that would be a great opportunity for her to revenge. Mum turn. Mom answered, what you to would do. The enslaved black dressed his wound and took good care of him. freshed food for him and the white man. Till he fully recovered. The white man was confused why he helped him. One day he asked him ‘why didn’t you kill me, after all the evil things I did to you and your people? The black man answered, it’s not my duty to kill people but to help does that need his help.
The white man said that makes you a better man, than me. The black man answered, I am who I am. They were rescued by a merchant ship. And departed. The white man returned to start fighting against the evil of slavery.



After Aliya’s mum went to salon. She was still wondering if what the black man did, if it was possible. She asked her Dad if what the black man did was possible? Yes. He explained more, I told you that story because I want you to understand that we can actually influence and change someone by reacting significantly in different way. She wondered how she could be nice to those that said nasty things about her. How will I be friends with that teacher that humiliated her or idiot Bunmi, who has made it her life mission to always pick on her.
Aliya told her Dad how she tired to ans question in the biology class, the teacher pointed at me ND said you Fatima. I taught he was mistaken me with a girl. I tired correcting him, then he will be like !Oh, you are not Fatima, maybe you are latiFAT then? Which he put a baby stress on the last syllable.
When he was teaching about Endonorph, he asked me to come out, you need to see the very ugly and round drawing he had on the board, which he illustrated. Father said it was irresponsible of the teacher, no one has the right to do that, no to talk of a teacher. Aliya said,she wasn’t the only one. Also a girl named Bunmi, she was in SS3. If she sees me m, will Ask, how did you fit into the dress? She is too Mean. My Dad promised to take action by calling the principal. The father let her know that how she feel Is more important than what orders make her feel. You are the most beautiful girl in the world, he said. If you feel good about yourself, feel confident about yourself and carry yourself with pride, that is beauty.
Akita’s father talk about a culture were the norms is for women to put on weight in order to attract suitors for marriage. he told her about a place called Mauritania, they have what they call ‘fat-farm’, where girls were force-fed to fatten them up, in preparation for marriage.
She takes her dad why some girl’s bleach dear skin. Dad replied, he guessed they do so because they won’t to make them self attractive to men. A truly beautiful is one who is beautiful in character and comportment.
Aliya told her father about Muhammad Ali told his daughter, saying every girls is expected to be treated like a queen? Father said a queen is treated a queen because a queen behaves like a queen. Respect is only when you have self respect. If a queen behaves like a tramp, she would be treated like one. You see Aliya if you buy new dress and live it on the floor, people would see it and use it for rag. But if you have a new dress and put it in the wardrobe, know one will use it as rag. Aliya father asked her, why do you think Bunmi would be picking on you like that. Aliya replied, I don’t know. I tried to confront her to ask her how I offended her, bet lost the courage to. One day she told me I was rude and think I was better than everyone. Aliya said she finished Evey term with the best overall results. Which everyone knows because her picture and name are on the notice board. But I didn’t think I was better than anyone. Aliya father was silent for a minutes. He said when people bully others is because they are better than them. That she should learn from it and not to bully orders.
Aliya told her father she is going to become a prefect(head girl). He said that was good and she is in a better position to help other students. Aliya taught on geting ‘Nebuliser’. They were so many asthmatic students in their school. She saved a girls life that was attacked by Asthma, but she doesn’t have inhaler, but she was she had one. But if the school has nebuliser it would be used if such happens again. That is thoughtful of you. That is what he call beautymaking a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Dad I just want to thank you for everything you have taught me. I have learnt a lot. You greatest father in the universe. He told her to sit down that he has a story to tell her.


Once upon a time, there was a hunter who lives in a remote village somewhere in African. One day he went on hunting, promising his family he will return with a lot of game, so they could have a party(feast).
He stalk the whole forest without finding a game. He ran out of food and water. But water bothered him the most. He taught he would die. If it was his fate, at least he should find a cave or somewhere that is little concealed to lay his head and die so that wild animals would not feed on him.
He stood on a spot, drunken with thirst and hunger, he saw a path that he didn’t notice before. He followed the path, and came out in a open field that look like courtyard of somebody house. He saw a signboard that was written, Food Is read underneath was written, ‘All you can eat for free, your ancestors have paid for your food.’
With his last energy he the direction and found himself in a big compound. Everyone appeared busy. He was making sense of everything he saw, when two ladies approached him with to crystal jugs of what looked like milk. in his entire life, he has never seen such charming beauty before. One handed him the jug she was carrying. He drankedhe collected the second one and drained it as well. He got back some strength. He had no doubt that his was the heaven he has had about. They took him to a room and asked him what he wants to eat. His major concern was that he has no money on him, so how will he be able to pay. He gathers the courage to ask the laddies, is it true, what I saw outside, that food is free because my ancestors has paid. They replied with a yes.
He thanks his ancestors. He then asked for anything they have. They returned with pounded yam, plenty game meat and chilled juice of different fruit in a sweating crystal jugs. He finished the food to find it as the most delicious meal every. He than drank the juice, taste as if it was not from this world. When he finished he asked if he can take some food with him, which they allowed. he thanked them and decided to live, when he had a deep voice, it was omnipresent, flooded the room. Gentleman, you have not paid. He wondered and said, I taught i was told that I could have anything for free because my ancestors has paid. Yes, the voice replied. But you too most pay so your children might enjoy free meal, someday like you did.
Won’t finish the story, Aliya asked. The story is finished, but if you think it hasn’t then you are free to finish it. What is important is what the story is telling her. With the letter I wrote to you on your sixteen birthday, and all the conversation that we had over the weekend and before then. I believe I have paid my dues to you, just like my parents did likewise to me. You have to pay yours by passing it to your children and your children likewise most do the same by passing it to their children. Till the end of time. It’s the due that every generation must pay, so that the generations ahead would live a better and more fulfilled lives. The father told Aliya.
Aliya lay back on the bed and shade tires for a long time. She said a long prayer for him, “God bless you, my father, my teacher and my prophet.”

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